Many people have difficulty organizing their daily routines. They may become too mired in daily crises to take control of their schedules. Without organization and a sense of direction, people could become lost and unable to carry out their daily responsibilities.

Rajinder Singh Mann, a real estate developer from Surrey, British Columbia, explains how he structures his daily routine for maximum results and offers help and suggestions for people looking to enhance their lives through better discipline.

Being Disciplined and Setting Yourself
Up for Success

One of the primary keys to success is exhibiting personal discipline. Discipline means many things to many different people. To Rajinder Singh Mann, it means keeping a firm sense of control over yourself, your emotions, and actions.

Many people are subject to their whims and spend too much time being pushed around by other people’s actions. With a strong personal sense of discipline, it is possible to keep your needs and those of your family first and foremost in your life.

These tips from Rajinder Singh Mann will help you create discipline in your life and provide much-needed structure. Without structure in your life, you may inadvertently set yourself up for failure and fight a constant battle against inertia and chaos.

Proper Meals

One of the most important aspects of personal discipline is eating a proper diet. Too often, busy professionals rely on convenience foods laden with salt, sugar, and fat. This compromises their long-term health and affects their levels of energy and wellness.

Eat a healthy diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and limited fat and dairy. Added sugars should be limited to the best of your ability. Maintaining a healthy body weight is the natural consequence of eating a balanced diet. This can help you live longer, increase your energy levels, and keep you physically fit. It can also help you avoid chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.


Exercise is another vital facet of a disciplined life. Keeping your body in peak condition means having more personal energy to get things done. Many people rely on exercise as a stress reliever since exercise creates brain chemicals that help people feel better.

Waking Up Early

The most productive people wake up early and get started on their workday as soon as possible. Morning people have the best chance of success because they bring a store of vital energy to their work. Working early in the morning also means that you can get a jump start on your day before most people are out and about, enabling you to get more done with fewer interruptions.

People who get an early start can also stop working earlier in the day, meaning spending more time with their families or on relaxing hobbies.


Meditation can be an important centering activity in your day. One of the most popular forms of meditation practiced today is mindfulness. With its roots in Eastern religions, mindfulness focuses on accepting the body and mind’s current state and grounding oneself in the sensory reality all around you.


Belief in a higher power is associated with greater life satisfaction. Taking the time to pray in your chosen method each day will help you connect with the divine in your life and express gratitude for your blessings. People who pray regularly have a more balanced view of life and deal with challenges because they have a built-in source of help and consolation.

Keeping an Organized Schedule and Booking Appointments Ahead of Time

Every day, you should keep an organized schedule. You may need to set aside blocks of time for unscheduled activities in case of a crisis, but overall, your day should be planned out well in advance. It helps to create a productive work atmosphere, and it helps your employees to have a sense of what you are doing each day.

Work-Life Balance

When creating an organized schedule, you should not overlook creating a positive work-life balance. While your days focus on productivity, your evenings and weekends should focus on unwinding. The most productive people spend time on pursuits like reading, woodworking, fishing, or hiking in their spare time. These activities are relaxing and provide a different source of mental stimulation.

Spending Time with Family

People who want to be productive in their daily lives sometimes neglect to spend time with their families. This can sabotage a disciplined life because you will never get back the days and years you miss with your family. Young children grow up quickly, and if you are not there for them, they will carry this throughout their lives.

Take the time to devote to your family, and you will have a greater sense of personal satisfaction and know that you are working hard for their prosperity.


Reflecting on your activities every day is another positive activity that affects productivity for the better. Keeping a daily journal, log, or diary can help you organize your life’s events in retrospect as well as give you a creative and emotional outlet.

Long-Range Planning

In addition to short-term planning, you should engage in long-term planning and setting goals for yourself in your personal and professional lives. Having the discipline to follow a long-term plan can help you become more successful in the long run.

Practicing Discipline Daily

When you follow these tips from Rajinder Singh Mann, you will find it easier to manage your life with discipline and self-regulation. Understanding how to plan out your life daily and long-term can create a happier, more balanced existence.

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