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His years of professional experience provided him the skills and confidence to pursue his lifelong dream of running his own business.

Since the late 80's Rajinder delved into the Real Estate Development world, and has built a successful career building diverse properties ranging from multi-family, residential, commercial and light industrial properties in the Lower mainland of British Columbia, Ontario, and overseas. His relentless work ethic and determination continue to push him forward and have opened the door to various exciting opportunities.

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Real Estate Developer

Best and Prominent Real Estate Developer.

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His years of work experience gave him the know-how and courage to follow his lifelong dream of starting his own business.



Rajinder Mann was born in a small village in northern India. As the youngest of seven children born into a farming family, Rajinder learned the importance of hard work early on. Throughout high school, his focus became divided between farm management and his education.



Rajinder Mannwas the youngest of seven children born into a farming family in northern India. He learned the importance of hard work from an early age, and he found his focus divided between his education and managing the family farm.

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