I'm Rajinder Singh Mann

I was born in a small village in northern India. As the youngest of seven children born into a farming family, me learned the importance of hard work early on.



Rajinder Singh Mann is a prominent real estate developer born and raised in Northern India. After relocating to St. James, British Columbia at the age of twenty-one, Rajinder spent ten years working at a local sawmill. His years of professional experience provided him the skills and confidence to pursue his lifelong dream of running his own business. As a motivated and goal driven individual, Rajinder eventually made his way into the Surrey lumber and roofing supply market where he has seen extensive success since his company's inception. Since the late 80’s Rajinder delved into the Real Estate Development world, and has built a successful career building diverse properties ranging from multi-family, residential, commercial and light industrial properties in the Lower mainland of British Columbia, Ontario, and overseas. His relentless work ethic and determination continue to push him forward and have opened the door to various exciting opportunities.


I am Rajinder Singh Mann, hailing from a quaint village near Phagwara City in Punjab, India, where I embarked on my educational journey that extended to college. My quest for new horizons led me to Canada in 1977, where my journey of exploration began.

Upon my arrival in the promising land of Canada, Toronto greeted me, offering a taste of what lay ahead. A year later, in 1978, I found my anchor as I joined hands with my wife in matrimony. Little did I know that this union would serve as the foundation for my remarkable journey....Read More

My early foray into the Canadian job market led me to White Spot in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. While the beginning was challenging, I recognized the need to embrace change to pursue better opportunities. This drove me to the serene town of Fort St. James in northern British Columbia, where I aimed to secure a promising position within the thriving lumber industry. The next decade found me immersed in the workings of the Canfor mill, steadfastly contributing my skills and dedication.

In 1988, a new chapter unveiled as I relocated to Delta, BC, and took a courageous leap into entrepreneurship. All American Cedar Supplies, my brainchild, emerged—a cedar roofing supplies venture that originated in a modest 2,000 square foot warehouse. While it might have seemed audacious to some, I saw calculated risks and undeniable opportunities. Through relentless effort and a clear vision, I turned this venture into a resounding success. In a mere six years, my dedication propelled me to surpass my main competitor, All Canadian Cedar, shifting the dynamics of the market.

Simultaneously, while nurturing my roofing enterprise, I embarked on another passion—constructing residential homes and light industrial warehouses. In 2004, my path pivoted once again as I decided to relinquish All American Cedar Supplies and fully embrace my ardor for real estate development. Since then, the world of real estate has been my canvas, and I have orchestrated the creation of light industrial, commercial, and residential marvels across British Columbia, Ontario, and even overseas.

With unwavering determination and a vision that transcends boundaries, I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. As I continue to craft spaces that inspire, innovate, and elevate lives, I look forward to building the future, one development at a time. Read Less

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Importance of Implementing Daily Schedules That
Lead To Success?

  • Rajinder Singh Mann is a firm believer of rising early and getting a good start to your day through building simple daily rituals, and staying disciplined to do them every day no matter the circumstance.
  • When Rajinder had his cedar supplies business – All American Cedar Supplies - he started his work day at 5am.
  • Rajinder continues with the same practice and doesn’t miss a beat, he wakes up at 5am every day, prays for 1 hour, has breakfast and starts work.
  • Rajinder makes it a priority to meditate daily. He finds it really helps to keep one alert, clear-minded and energized.
  • Every evening Rajinder exercises and does his evening prayers. After dinner he writes down a full schedule for the following day, writing out each item he wants to do get done the next day, and finds this system to write down lists the night before is extremely beneficial to keep you on track, productive and organized.
  • Like many other businessmen - take Jim Pattisson, famous Canadian entrepreneur and his beliefs about rising early and the early rising theory, or the famous 5 am club coined by Robin Sharma – Rajinder singh mann too firmly believes waking up early to start your day is the one core habit that leads to success.
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